Cass Cura LLC is a professional consulting firm, providing Quality Assurance services for new construction and existing facilities. Our services focus on Materials Testing, Inspections, Engineering, and Roof Consulting. We are certified small and are 100% minority owned.

The company is an Arizona based firm and was founded in January 2009. Originally it was a partnership and was named Cass Rowe Consulting. In 2012 the partnership dissolved and Mr. Cass continued with the firm and changed the name. Go to “Cass Brand” to see the origin and meaning of the name, Cass Cura.

Joseph D. Cass is the 100% shareholder, but the company is comprised of dedicated team members that have an entrepreneurial spirit with the same dedication and drive as if they were operating their own consulting firm.

With our start in 2009, we have persevered through one of the United States worst economic hardships. We continue to grow at a steady and healthy pace by adding team members with like values and work ethic. Of course, we have to highlight the reason of our growth and that is due to our loyal clientele and the addition of new clients. – Thank you

Diverse Talents

We promote our years of experience with our core competency services


Cass Cura believes that if something is done with care, it will have quality.

We diligently promote our core competency services however; we encourage our clients to approach us with their consulting needs that may fall “outside” of our listed services. Give us the opportunity to review the need and see if we can contribute. Many times we can facilitate the consulting need in house, or we can partner with other professionals in the industry and put together the right team for the job. This allows our clients to continue working with Cass Cura, a known and trusted service provider, while we handle the details of the consulting services.