Cass Family Brand


The way this brand is read is: C bar C.

This is a South Dakota registered livestock brand that was established in 1938 by my grandfather.  My heritage is rooted in the small South Dakota farming world and that is where I started to learn the value of a strong faith in God, the value of a loving family and the value of hard work.

My first notable construction project was for the church I attended during my highschool years.  We started out in a freshly harvested corn field and ended up with a place of worship.  Quality control consisted of making sure cornstocks were not at the bottom of footing excavations.

I will not bore you with my life story but it went from a small farm, to a small town, to a Civil Engineering Degree from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Engineering School, to a small business owner today.

I am not on the small farm anymore but I am still a part of a small, hard working community and that community is this company.

I am very proud of my up bringing and honored to fly the family brand.


Cass Cura

We wanted to come up with a second “C” word that would be memorable.  At the time, my son was in a Latin class and I commissioned his help in finding a latin word that would have some relevant meaning.

Cura pronunciation is Koo ra.  It is the basis for the verb Accurare, meaning “to take care of”.  This latin verb became the source of our english word “Accurate”.

I like the word association with “Accurate”.  Cass Cura is a Quality Assurance service provider and we are in the business to ensure things are Accurate.