Company Business Certifications

Cass Cura is 100% minority owned and we carry the following business certifications;


Disadvantage Business Enterprise, DBE
Arizona Department of Transportation, Arizona Unified Transportation Registration and Certificate System

Small Business Enterprise, SBE
City of Phoenix, Arizona Unified Transportation Registration and Certificate System

Cass Cura is Licensed

  • State of Arizona Board of Technical Registration Firm Registration No:   15708-0
  • Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency License No: 07-646
  • Maricopa County Air Quality Department Dust Compliance No:   SC1300067


Company Laboratory Certifications

Our laboratory is certified by the following; We also participate in the laboratory reference sample program facilitated by each entity listed below.

  1. AMRL – AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory Visit AMRL
  2. CCRL – Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory
  3. Arizona Department of Transportation

Quality Management System

R18, C1077 (Aggregate), C1077 (Concrete), D3666 (Aggregate), D3666 (Asphalt Mixture), D3740 (Soil), E329 (Aggregate), E329 (Asphalt Mixture), E329 (Soil)

Asphalt Mixture

R47, R68, T30, T166, T209, T245, T269, T308, T312, T329, D2041, D2726, D3203, D5444, D6307, D6925, D6926, D6927


R58, T88, T89, T90, T99, T100, T176, T180, T217, T265, D421, D422, D698, D854, D1140, D1557, D2216, D2419, D4318, D4944


T11, T19, T21, T27, T84, T85, T176, T248, T255, T304, T335, C29, C40, C117, C127, C128, C136, C566, C702, C1252, D2419, D5821


M201, R60, T22, T23, T97, T119, T121, T152, T196, T231, T309, C31, C39, C78, C138, C143, C172, C173, C231, C511, C617, C1064, C1231 (7000 psi and below)

AASHTO stands for American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.  Through this accreditation we participate in the AMRL and CCRL reference testing program.  AMRL stands for AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory and CCRL stands for Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory.  Cass Cura is also inspected by ADOT, which is the Arizona Department of Transportation.

In summary, the Cass Cura laboratory is inspected and certified by the above-mentioned organizations.  These organizations are in fact providing Quality Assurance over our testing personnel, testing procedures and testing equipment.  The accreditation program is vital to the accountability of our trade.  They make sure we are testing with Accuracy.  See Cass Brand to get our take on Accuracy.

Our field testing is provided by qualified and certified personnel. Our lab testing is provided by our accredited lab.