Cass Cura is fully equipped, has certified technicians and has an accredited laboratory.  With these resources, we provide field and laboratory testing of vital construction materials.  The quality of the construction materials utilized in a project is fundamental in having a successful and sustainable project.

Most of our projects are in close proximity to our Phoenix laboratory however, some projects will benefit if a mobile laboratory is set up.  We do have the capability of setting up mobile labs.  Go to “Certifications” to view our technical credentials.

During the process of testing and sampling material in the field, we also provide quality assurance monitoring of the construction process to ensure industry recognized placement and installation procedures are being adhered to.  Go to “Construction Inspections” to view more of our monitoring services.

We do HorizontalIn regard to testing, we have heard, many times from existing and potential clients,  “The tests are all the same, any testing agency can do it”.  That statement is absolutely correct.  The tests that we run should be run virtually identical by all testing agencies in the United States.  That is the reason for our certifications and accreditation.

The differences that we bring to the working relationships that we forge with our clients are;

  • Always being safety conscious
  • Understanding exactly which tests are to be conducted so we are not holding up the process with retesting or over billing
  • Timeliness of testing and reporting.  Communication, communication!!!
  • Being a true consultant in situations where test results may reveal questionable material and or conditions.  It is easy to point out what is wrong.  Clients really appreciate it when we assist in finding the solution.  Cass Cura has been involved with many troubleshooting situations that have saved our clients many times over our service fees.