Roof Consulting

Over the past years, roof consulting has become a very specialized component in the new construction and existing facility industries.   More and more architectural firms are reaching out to Roof Consulting firms to join their team for new construction design and many property managers are realizing a huge value from the services of a roof consultant.

Cass Cura is very interested in gaining your trust to provide these highly sought after services.  For the record, this industry is very competitive in the fact that roofing manufacturers and roofing contractors for many years and still today provide “roof consulting”.  In the case of the manufacturer they will sell you their product and in the case of the contractor they will sell you the product that they are proficient with and sell you their contracting services.  This of course, is a bias opinion but it needs to be understood that in some cases this approach may be perfectly fine.

Cass Cura is interested in a client that is looking for a third party, non-biased consultant that will evaluate all the options.  Cass Cura is not affiliated with any manufacturers or any contractors.  It also, needs to be understood that Cass Cura is not trying to create an adversarial relationship with manufacturers or contractors.  At the end of the day, if a new roof is needed for our client we have to have good working relationships with both manufacturers and contractors to have a successful project.  We are just making it very clear that we have no financial ties to any firms therefore, we can pick and choose from a variety of products and applicators that are best fit for the particular situation we are consulting on.



  • Repair / Reroof specifications
  • As Built Condition Surveys
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Installation Inspections
  • Budget Estimates
  • Construction Administration

In regard to Roof Consulting and our Construction Inspection services, these two go hand in hand as roof projects greatly benefit from inspections.  Also, many roofs have masonry, steel supports and decking components, etc.  If any of these components need reconditioning we have inspectors that can monitor that aspect of the work as well.   Also, if you are a property manager and you are maintaining roofs and parking lots at your facilities, Cass Cura has the right combination of services that would greatly benefit your needs.   See our Engineering section for more information on the other piece that will fit your puzzle.